What is important for you to know before you hire a professional cleaning service?

•Are they credible? Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Lots of people underestimate the value of this protection and use uninsured people to clean their homes and lots of times end up in litigation for injuries, theft, damage, etc.

•Do they have bonafide references from local customers who can be contacted easily?

We have lots of references from cleaning service customers in Vancouver WA and Portland OR. Ask us!

•Do they guarantee to send the same staff for every cleaning service visit to my house?

We do! It has been proven that by sending the same professional cleaners every time, your house is consistently clean and your family is happy knowing the crew that cleans your home every time. Our customer turnover rate is very low based on this approach.

•Do they accept all forms of payment or cash only?

Normally if professional cleaning service companies accept cash only, it is normally because they are trying to avoid being liable to taxes and/or are not licensed an therefore have no professional business banking account.

We accept Debit, Credit, Cash, Check, or PayPal.

•What should I do to prepare for the teams arrival?

The best way to prepare for your cleaning professionals arrival each time is to pick up loose items laying around floors, and/or counter tops etc. It helps us to clean your home more effectively and thoroughly.

•How does my cleaners gain entry into my home each time?

If your not going to be home upon our arrival, we ask that your provide us a key. If your not comfortable with that, you can leave a lock box, a key in a hidden place, a garage code, etc.

•Do they bring their own cleaning supplies.

We do. We bring all the supplies necessary to clean your home. Including vacuums, micro fiber textiles, and an environmentally friendly “green” supply of cleaning solutions.

•Who does Clean and Green send to clean my home?

All of our professional cleaning techs are Insured, Bonded, and Licensed for your protection and piece of mind. They are also trained regularly to consistently deliver you superior results.

•Do I have to provide supplies to the maids?

No, the maids bring their own supplies and equipment. However, it may be of great benefit to you if we utilize your vacuum in order to mitigate the transfer of airborne pet dander and dust from other homes to yours. We are open to using your own products which you supply but cant be held liable for any damage or misuse which may arise from use of those products.